BleemSys is a (so far) self-funded technology startup committed to promote lattice structure applications in additive manufacturing through software and algorithms.



Q: How many people are in your team, and what is its structure?

A: We have one and an occasional half headcount. Yikun takes care of the core algorithm and development, while Edward does some occasional application development.

Q: How do you fund the company?

A: We are a self-funded startup. We use our spare time to work on the software and communicate with users.

Q: How do you survive?

A: We charge the fees for the serivce and commerical applications of our software tools. If you want to be an end user, or integrate, customize, and/or redistribute the softwares for commerical purposes, please contact us.

Q: Any future plans?

A: Working on the hardcore technology, providing good tools to the communities, most importantly, simplifying the complexity.


For any further inquires or feedback, please email