BleemCube — Accelerate the Lattice Design


Accelerate Lattice Design for Performance

BleemCube is a Web API helping fast design of the lattice structure. The API calculates the key design parameters of the desired mechanical performance and provides the best possible solutions in a few seconds time. The development with BleemCube API can save days or weeks of efforts on fine turning with expensive physical tests or the large scale modelling & simulation.

BleemCube is not only a general calculation API. User may request customized calculation in accordance with user's demands, such as user's material characteristics or special calculation, or possibly integrate the API into users' platform or software.

Key features

  • Calculates the lattice structure responses (e.g. stress-strain curve) in a fraction of seconds
  • Search of the desired design of lattice's features in a few seconds
  • Improving design efficiency and reduce development cost
  • Easy API access and easy use of the calculated results

We have developed a Rhino Grasshopper plugin - BleemCube tool. Combining our BleemCube tool with other plugins (e.g. Crystallon), user can create lattice structure within any given domain space in a few minutes. Rhino's powerful feature of parameter design and super fast calculation from BleemCube can creates many possible designs that link to many specific mechanical performances for design exploration. Rhino offers a lengthy trial period with full functional features. You can extensively try and test the software and BleemCube API before committing purchasing.

Access API

To access the BleemCube API (including the Grasshopper Plugin), user may request the access token by emailing


BleemCube is a product of BleemSys Limited. We are a technology startup aiming to simplify the complex lattice design and promote its application in real engineering world. For any further inquires or feedback, please email