The Bleem Cube API is Web based API, or so-called REST API. Basically user will get a JSON style responses when sending a JSON-style inquiry. All APIs can be called through POST method at this stage, no other methods are available.


Bleem Cube API has the unique endpoint to access:


Users are required the unique authentication token to access API. User may request their token through email . When accessing API, token should be passed as a HTTP authorization header. The example python code is given in the section below.

Call APIs

Considering the easy use of the API, the Bleem Cube API currently only can be reached through POST method, no other method available. User may access through any programming languages, as demonstrated below.

Python 3 example

import requests, json
# Endpoint url
cube_url = ""
# USer token
Token = "f3aa3c11-2817-4a73-993c-db9a62a0ada7"
# Body data section includes all information and data for calculation.
data =  {
 "Lattice": ["FCCubic"],
 "Profile": ["C"],
 "Material": ["Inconel_718"],
 "cmd" : ["invE_BC"],

 "TargetE" : [2.21345E+08],

 "x_lb": [0.004],
 "x_ub": [0.005],

 "y_lb": [0.004],
 "y_ub": [0.005],

 "z_lb": [0.004],
 "z_ub": [0.005],

# connects to API
header = {"x-api-key":Token}
r =, data = json.dumps(data), headers=header)
# convert returned bytes data to string
responses = (r.content.decode("utf-8")).replace("\'","\"")
# then convert string to dict
re = json.loads(temp)

curl example

User can access to the APIs through the commands line below on Windows OS.

curl -X POST -H "x-api-key:f3aa3c11-2817-4a73-993c-db9a62a0ada7" -H "Content-Type:application\/json" -d "{\"cmd\": [\"invE\"], \"Profile\": [\"C\"], \"Lattice\": [\"BCStarTet\"], \"Material\": [\"Ti64\"], \"TargetE\": [\"20E+09\"]}"