Lattice structure are two or three-dimensional micro-architectures that comprised of a network of nodes and beams that reduces the weight and retain the overall structural strength and integrity. One of advantage of using the lattice structure in the component is its customizable performance by adjusting the unit cell topological structure and size etc. These interlinking cells can enhance overall system level performance of the component with less material.

_images/LatticeExample001.png _images/LatticeCellBeam.png

One key design challenge is to generate the specific mechanical responses that benefits the overall system performance. In the normal development approach, engineer has to identify the component level performance and refine many details prior to move to system level design. The fine turning procedure and design modifications (for example, the thickness of the beam) requires many iterations involving FEA and physical tests before reach to the optimal solution. This becomes a heavy workflow that costs lots of efforts and time.

The Bleem Cube API is a collection of tools that calculates the mechanical responses of the lattice structure under the compressive loads. User may use the API to conduct inverse calculation of the key geometric designing factors, such as the unit cell size and thickness of lattice beam. The solution procedure only requires a few seconds. Less computational time opens the opportunities of explore vast amount of design possibilities at the early stage of design. With the Bleem Cube API, engineer/developer can immediately obtain the structure responses and feed the information to the system model to perform quick calculation or simulation, or may be just print the structure and conduct the actual physical tests to verify the performance.