Bleem Cube API calculation based on a standard physics model that simulates the standard lattice’s responses for the given loads and boundary conditions. In general the lattice sample model were fixed on the ground and was compressed through the top structure. The calculated scenario is illustrated below. The bottom of lattice structure is non-moveable, and the top end of the structure was compressed for 2 mm. The entire calculation of the API is then based on the structural responses.


Bleem Cube API uses the SI units. The specification is defined below:




size of unit cell

0.004 meter to 0.008 meter

Uniformly same in x, y and z direction

Profile of beam

Circle (C) or Square shape (R)

Square is defined by one parameter - the width, Circle is defined by the radius.


0.0001 meter to 0.0009 meter

Thickness defines radius for circle profile, and the width of the square profile

There are four major contributions to the responses, including the base material, the unit cell topological structure, beam’s cross-sectional profile and thickness. The latter four factors are considered as the geometric features which Bleem Cube API aims to help. The base material here in Cube API is the generic material responses that represented the general behaviour of the materials with same designations. In practice, the generic material responses could provide the insight of initial product design which closes to the actual performance. This is useful for designer to refine the design at beginning of development, or designer may be want to explore the design space in an agile way. It also has to understand the responses may not exactly fit to the actual material behaviours. Often the components with lattice structure is manufactured through additive manufacturing that the base material is made at the same time of printing the final product. There is a strong possibility that the material performance could be varying from users’ production facilities or procedures. For improved prediction of the lattice structures’ responses, we recommend to customize the API incorporating user’s material characteristics. This requires additional physical tests on the material samples and re-calibration on the models used in Cube API.

In addition, the cross-sectional profile is considered in the Bleem Cube API calculation. The current model supports the square shape and circle shape profile. The thickness of the beam defines the side length for the square shape and the radius for the circle shape.