Artisan — Generate the Lattice Design


Generate Complex Lattice Design for Performance

Artisan is an implicite modelling & computational engine for generating complex lattice structure. Artisan is designed as a web sever based engine dedicated for online CAD system. Designer only need a web browser to access its powerful designe capabilities. Artisan uses a smart algorithm to partition the geometric entities in order to limite the memory usage - the biggest consumming factor for all implicite modelling software. Combining with the integrated GPU accelertion, Artisan finds the balance point between the calculation speed and resource speeding withour compromising the quality of model.

Key features

  • Python and C++ based codes, a balance between functionalities and performance;
  • Smart adaptive algorithm for limited memory usage on sever;
  • Complex lattice generation based on implicite modelling concepte;
  • GPU accelertion for faster calculation;
  • Complete customizable for supporting exsiting online CAD system.

We are currently developing Artisan's web front end user interface. The front end user interface aims to allow user to access the full design capabilities of Artisan through any modern web brower with loading the full geometric results (e.g. gigabyte size model) in a few seconds.

Request testing package

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