Generate Complex Lattice Design for Performance


Artisan is an implicit modelling & computational engine for generating complex lattice structure. Artisan supports the strut, TPMS and geometric shape lattice infill for any given geometry. It generates beautiful periodic lattice, mesh lattice and conformal lattices without costing of lots of hardware resources. Because the engine is based on Python and C++, Artisan could offer a combined experience of the speedy customized development and computational performance without compromising the quality of modelling results.

Key Features

  • Periodic lattice, mesh lattice and conformal lattice generation;

  • User defined lattice generation;

  • Complex lattice generation based on implicit modelling concept;

  • Smart adaptive algorithm for limited memory usage on sever;

  • GPU computation.

We are currently developing Artisan’s web front end user interface. The front end user interface aims to allow user to access the full design capabilities of Artisan through any modern web browser with loading the full geometric results (e.g. gigabyte size model) in a few seconds.


You may download the testing package for none-commercial application at:

The all-in-one package which includes python3.9 and libs is also available at sourceforge:

The all-in-one package does not require installation of python or other required libs. User can conduct Artisan computations directly through the command line.



You may ask questions or report bugs/issues at Github issues & discussions. Or contact us: